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At Blissfull Temptations, We’ve Got Your Back and Your Front!
A good toss in the sack delivers more endorphins and health benefits than any other contact sport on the planet. In sum, a good coupling is worth its weight in gold when it comes to delivering great mental and physical health, say medical professionals and who are we to doubt them?

When it comes to spicing things up in bed, sex toys serve myriad purposes, thus you require a resource that’s got your inner animal in mind when it comes to bedroom entertainment. You’ve got Blissfull Temptations, And we're out to make sure clients are supplied with the latest and greatest X-rated adult toys on the market.

Adult toys deliver these health benefits
Your family and friends might not understand, but yourself or your partner is likely interested in knowing that proper bedtime toys not only improve one’s state-of-mind but benefit physical health, too. We’ve got assurances from medical experts that erotic playthings can do the following:

-Adult toys boost the imaginations of even the most unimaginative soul, and while you’re having all of this fun, your body’s circulation improves--excuse enough to double down on fun more than once daily.

-Use sex toys to rejuvenate aging vaginas. Painful sex can be reversed for couples choosing toys like vibrators that have been proven to enhance the elasticity and tone of vagina walls. Doctors regularly prescribe dildos following gynecological surgery or childbirth since this essential tool speeds up the healing process like crazy.

-Sex toys are equal opportunity aids. Dudes experiencing ED, low sex drive and other debilitating issues have been known to make total turn-around after getting acquainted with an appropriate product. Why not get an entire toy box full of them? They’re cheaper than visiting a shrink, twice as much fun and your entire body benefits from the increased blood flow.

-You do know that sex is more about your head than your other head, right? The images you see while viewing a porn flick and the role playing you share both add to heightened passion, so whether your thing is a maid’s uniform or you’re just into crotchless panties, the right mix of sensual entertainment is like catnip for couples.

Sorry to brag, but we’re the best of the best
At Blissfull Temptations, your sex toys Australia adult shop, we’re all about extreme pleasure and since we’re experts at it, your wish is our desire (or should we say that your desire is our desire?). We have a reputation to uphold and because shoppers have plenty of online options, we have made it our goal to be the best, which is why our loyal customers say that they wouldn't think of going elsewhere for their toy fix.

Customers are never shy about asking us for advice in addition to making purchases. In fact, we’re all about the art and science of exciting sex, so our business model is far from that of the typical sex shop. 

What’s your pleasure? Our selection of goodies fall into everyone's favourite categories: vibrators, dildos, masturbation toys, nipple toys, sexercises and penis rings. When new innovations come along, you can count on us to find them for you.

If you want it, our adult shop stocks it
How come we’re so smart about all things sex-related? We’ve been in the sex toys business for seven years, so whether you get off by touch, by watching or by hanging from your ceiling, we’ve got the latest and greatest technology, design and prices. Yes, there have been advances in sex toy engineering and materials over time and we are all about following sex toys Australia trends.

And who wants to risk being seen as you slide into the local sex shop for your quota of dildos? An online experience is the best because anyone can sit in bed and shop to your heart’s content, figuring out which tools are likely to give yourself or both of you the best orgasms. Make sure you’re not selfish. A non-phallic clitoral vibrator for her can fit into the same shipping box as vibrating rings and masturbation sleeves for him.

Once it appears, you’ll spot it immediately because we set the standard for discreet packaging. That’s why we’ve been in business so many years. Repeat customers put their trust in us and we always return the favor.

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